Salesforce Integration and Implementation

Statistically more than half of CRM implementations fail to meet their goals; as high as 63% according to the Merkle Group in a July 2013 survey.dartboard

The most common culprit – lack of strategic vision. Back in the days of SFA (sales force automation) not much vision was required as a CRM system was simply a listing of customers and a few bits of basic customer information. Since those formative days, CRM has evolved. Boy has it evolved!

There is the Sales Cloud, the Service Cloud, the Marketing Cloud, the Community Cloud, the Analytics Cloud, taking it all mobile, on top of which are a host of applications (apps) that help you run every other aspect of your business. Note: not almost or virtually, but every aspect of your business.

You may have a subject matter expert in every one of these areas and while they can contribute to the strategic vision for all of these systems, do they have the experience integrating them all into one universal system, that will achieve the elusive goal of 100% adoption, and achieving every last penny of your ROI? And if they do, can you afford to get them to stop what they are doing and devote weeks of their time to configure and integrate your new Salesforce system? As system that may be completely new to them.

Or, do you want to hire the experts who have the depth of knowledge, the track record, and the experience to integrate your strategic plan into your Salesforce applications?

Experts, because of the in house skills and the trust that they have built with Salesforce, that they have achieved the PDO designation. Experts that Salesforce will recommend to you to get the job done right, and right on budget. Experts like Bit Order.


Salesforce Migration Services

You’ve decided “to come over from the dark side”. Welcome to riches of the world of Salesforce and the force.com platform.

We know that you didn’t make this decision lightly and that the rawer a number of business drivers that lead you this decision. We’re pretty sure that among those drivers are to increase utility and adoption, the ability to unify your various internal platforms, to dramatically expand the number of applications that can feed into your sales operations or customer support systems, and of course an achievable ROI.

And we know that you are not looking for a straight one-to-one conversion. There are back office systems that have to be integrated; new processes to be established and tested; the adoption, refinement, or development of mobile apps; training for your users; the management of change; the scoping and management of the overall project, all of which must be considered.

If your transition is to be a success and one that you can count as a career highlight, you need a partner that has done all of the above, not once or twice, but many times, over and over. A partner that has an internal structure and processes designed for success; one that immediately becomes a trusted member of your team. One that understands the Salesforce platform at a developer level and not just as the admin level.

That partner is Bit Order. Call us today and let’s discuss your plans and how we may contribute.


Salesforce Custom Development

We help enterprises get the best out of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and AppExchange apps by providing bespoke development services on Force.com platform. We enable enterprises to automate their business processes further and build deeper integration with external systems.