The freedom to advance your cause


Nonprofits are continually asked to do more, with less. The technology required to break through this barrier has either been unaffordable or inadequate – until now.

Causeview creates software that connects your organization with all of your constituents, and integrates them into one system. All of our apps live on the cloud, so you can break free from administrative overload and build new relationships, anytime and anywhere.

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Causeview is more than just software.

It’s a platform providing nonprofits with end–to–end automation of all their fundraising, event and volunteer management needs. It’s simple, affordable technology that brings all of your constituents together.

Causeview makes it easy to nurture meaningful relationships, drive engagement and focus on what matters most — advancing your cause.


Your event in the palm of your hand

There are so many touch points associated with the entire event process. Event attendees, volunteers, internal staff and vendors all need to be on the same page.

Introducing Causeview Events, the mobile application for end-to-end event management. You can now execute your event on the go and build new relationships, without the stress and frustration of manual processing.

With so many touch points associated with your event, creating a memorable experience for guests can be challenging. Whether you’re editing your guest list, changing table assignments, or managing dietary preferences, these tasks are compounded when you have to coordinate them across different systems, like your contact database, payment system, attendance lists and seating plans.

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Causeview allows you to plan, promote and execute your event within one database, giving you the flexibility to handle unexpected changes.

 action pages cause viewOnline fundraising pages made easy

What if you had the ability to create campaign landing pages to track donations, to process payments and to issue automated acknowledgments. With Actionpages you can – in a few easy steps.

ActionPages is a plug–in to Salesforce’s Non–Profit Starter Pack that makes it easy for your donors to take action. ActionPages for NPSP 3.0 is coming soon to the Salesforce AppExchange!