Salesforce1 Mobile App

With mobility making headway into enterprise applications, we prefer to access enterprise applications and our work to be done on the move.

Salesforce1 is a powerful platform on which we can develop ready to use mobile salesforce applications. The app development is fast since it supports declarative as well as programmatic development. Responsive design is pre built for standard views, hence making it a powerful and effective development strategy.

Customers can manage their business from anywhere.

If you are thinking of creating new functionalities with complex business scenarios in Salesforce1 App, Bit Order can help in exploring the features of Salesforce1 platform and deliver intuitive application using Lightning framework.

We have an army of Salesforce developers who have complete understanding on Salesforce1 platform and bring out the best solution for your needs.


Native iOS and Android

Many have observed that Salesforce1 does not have the full functionality of the desktop version, presenting a true challenge in taking their internal Salesforce system fully mobile. Simply stated, our customers do not have that problem.

We can help replicate every desktop function on your mobile device. Period. For more discussion, please see our White Paper here.

If you are thinking of enhancing your mobile app or creating a new one, Bit Order can help you exploit the distinctive features of the iPad/iPhone or the suite of Android devices and deliver exquisite looking, highly productive apps. If you are planning to target only the iOS platform, we will help you in evolving designs that will thrive on all form factors, leveraging their distinct capabilities and screen sizes.

Our Apple team has thorough understanding of Apple’s HIG (human interface guidelines) and they are committed to applying this knowledge in creating the most user friendly app for you, thereby enhancing the user adoption of your app. Your app is no longer judged against that of your competitors, but against all apps – consumer and business – so it is critical that you design team have leading edge skills. Be it any business and sales related, finance and HR, social networking, or any area of service, we can build highly functional, ultra-cool looking, and most importantly, revenue generating apps!

We are deeply experienced in the Apple app store publishing process and the guidelines for ensuring that your apps are approved without rejections. Having us handle the approval process can compress your time-to-market by weeks.

For Android apps: With a wide variety of implementations of the Android operating system, it is critical that you select a development partner that thrives at the leading edge of all things Android – smartphones and tablets.

In addition to requiring intimate familiarity with the operating system while developing an app for Android, it is critical to understand the specific nuances and features of the individual phone or tablet. Certain features may or may not be available on all devices and this must to be managed gracefully if you are to have a successful launch. Android phones also differ among themselves in form-factor and screen resolution, which also have an effect on the all-important UI. Consistency across all screen types and sizes spells success.

Conversions: We also routinely port existing iOS apps to Android and we can do this very efficiently as we have extensive experience in porting apps across these platforms. Simply give us the link to your iPhone app and the graphic assets, and we will port the app to your Android in record time.


Hybrid Mobile Apps

Any time that there are options from a development tools perspective, there are trade-offs. Which is best – native app development, HTML5, or a Hybrid approach? The short answer is yes – any of them are the Goldilocks of mobile app development, depending on your requirements, budget, and distribution plans.

Just like if you are looking for personal transportation, you may look at a bicycle, a motorcycle, car, truck, train, bus, or taxi; each individual will make that decision based on requirements, budgets, travel frequency, travel distance, environment and many other factors.

We can’t suggest your best course of action here, but we sure can if you give us some time to ask some key questions.