ServiceMax Implementation

With our experience as the ServiceMax development partner for the iPad mobile app, we have a lengthy history of working in field service and have a deep understanding of the needs of virtually every industry - including yours. When acquiring an application with the extensive capabilities of ServiceMax, you want to make sure that you are taking advantage of every feature, every function, every connection available to ensure that the tools your field techs have available them empower them to make critical customer-facing decisions.


As every manager knows, information is a key contributor to success. Having dashboards, reports, alerts, KPIs available on multiple devices, anywhere for all team members and customers is the goal of every implementation that Bit Order performs. We leave no stone unturned in delivering the optimal ServiceMax configuration for your business.


ServiceMax Integration

As a Salesforce native application, ServiceMax easily integrates with other out-of-the-box native applications, requiring little or no integration in many cases. However, the tremendous flexibility of the Salesforce platform encourages many customers to customize their instance, driving the need for a custom integration. Too, there are many ServiceMax customers that are not on the Salesforce platform, so integration with their internal systems is a critical success point for optimal performance.

And simply because of the extensive capabilities of ServiceMax, it interacts with so many internal systems that automated integration is an absolute necessity. After all, the reason that you have adopted the application is to eliminate all of the negative challenges of manual systems, so the last thing that you want to do is go only half way toward that goal.

ServiceMaxImplementation 1

Combine our experience as the ServiceMax development partner for the iPad mobile app, with our extensive experience in integration (along with our partner Jitterbit), and our status as one of only a handful of Salesforce PDO Partners and you have the perfect marriage of skills necessary to complete your ServiceMax integration project elegantly, on time, and on budget.



Our technical teams can truly work magic with the standard tools available in Servicemax, but we do recognize that for some customers, a custom approach is the only solution to meeting their exact needs.

Before we proceed with any customization, we typically pose the following questions, also recommended by ServiceMax.

As your implementation partner, we do not want you to spend your money unnecessarily.


  • How critical is the requirement? Is it a must-have or nice-to-have? What is the ROI?
  • You would be surprised at how many requests stop right here.


  • Can a process workaround be found so that you can continue to use standard functionality?
  • In more than half of these cases, we have historically found a workaround.


  • Can it be built using standard Salesforce point-and-click constructs such as workflow rules, approval processes?
  • As a PDO partner that understands more about that platform that almost every other company (there are only 22 globally), we will likely find the solution here without massive customization.


  • Is similar functionality already in ServiceMax product road map? If yes, can your requirement wait until it is rolled out?
  • This may be your most budget friendly approach.


  • How many users will be using this custom functionality? The more the number of users, the more you must consider supportability.
  • Let’s think about that last statement - if there are a large number of users and this is a critical customization, then do you really want to deny functionality to such a large group; one that may include your customers?


  • Do you have enough qualified resources (external or internal) to maintain the functionality through Salesforce platform upgrades?
  • This is never a concern with the Bit Order team standing behind our custom work.